Embracing a New Mindset: The Key to Sustainable Profitability for Manufacturing SMEs

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, sustainability is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. For manufacturing SMEs, the challenge is not just to adopt sustainable practices but to integrate them in a way that drives profitability and long-term success. This requires a transformation of the mindset that almost everybody carries around as a product of […]

The Power of Curiosity and Continuous Learning

In our fast-paced world, staying curious and committed to learning is more important than ever. If you are not moving forward, you are actually moving backwards! Curiosity fuels our desire to explore, innovate, and grow. It pushes us to ask questions, seek new perspectives, and embrace the unknown. By continuously reading new books and listening […]

A branding window is open now!

Are you ready to utilize an amazing opportunity? Please note it is not for everyone – it is for those who are seriously committed to sustainability in their business. These companies have a massive opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the next few years. This is one of the clear conclusions from the British […]

Climate change is a human rights issue

In a landmark decision last week, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in favour of a group of citizens that the right to a stable climate is a fundamental human necessity. The government of Switzerland thus lost the case and it shows that you have to deliver a decent effort in the battle against […]

Attracting Top Talent to Drive Sustainability Success

Sustainability is no longer just a “nice to have” or a buzzword. As we advance into 2024, integrating meaningful sustainability practices into your business strategy is crucial for success. This includes understanding that sustainability needs to be a key factor in attracting and retaining top talent for your company. Align Your Mission and Values As […]

It is all about the people!

The people you surround yourself with determines how far you want to get and how far you will get! Like it or not the people around you are your daily sounding board and we tend to calibrate our ambitions, what we believe is achievable and what actions we take based on them. So, choose your […]

89% want more action to tackle climate change

Ask 130.000 representative people from 125 counties about their support for actions to tackle the climate crisis and “only” 89% will tell you they want more action! That is what four scientists did and published as a peer-reviewed article in Nature. Quite interestingly the study also finds that people are ready to contribute personal income […]

Experts verdict: Sustainability is a value creator

Sustainability makes it easier to attract talent, create a strong brand, attract investors, improve operational excellence, improve organizational performance, build great partnerships and increase sales! These are some of the conclusions I can draw upon having done 7 of the 8 interviews for the upcoming season of my podcast “Green Business With Impact”. I have […]

This is NOT the peak of civilization…

The world I going to hell – plenty of people to tell you that. I take great comfort in knowing that this is NOT the peak of our civilization. And with this realization comes a different ease to investigating new ideas and suggesting change. As long as you don’t just cut back on the existing […]

Business for Good – the Success Formula Going Forward

There are huge opportunities for creating a competitive advantage for businesses that act on climate change now. The article highlights the importance of creating positive environmental impacts and rethinking business models, emphasizing that sustainability should be integrated into the core of business operations, not treated as a mere project. From a business perspective, climate change […]