Experts verdict: Sustainability is a value creator

Sustainability makes it easier to attract talent, create a strong brand, attract investors, improve operational excellence, improve organizational performance, build great partnerships and increase sales!

These are some of the conclusions I can draw upon having done 7 of the 8 interviews for the upcoming season of my podcast “Green Business With Impact”. I have invited top specialists in their fields for a conversation about how you as a business working seriously with sustainability can leverage that in all these areas (plus innovation, but will not record that until later this month). These experts all possess a mountain of experience that they bring on and share with my listeners of the podcast. It launches tomorrow Thursday, February 22.

Another interesting takeaway message across the range of interviews is, that contrary to what I see many companies do, sustainability is no different than anything else in business. Sustainability-based communication, branding, investor relations, sales etc requires the same skills and competencies as all other communication, branding, investor relations and sales. I see a clear tendency to treat sustainability differently. Often it is the sustainability people that is charged with e.g. take the “sustainability part” of a sales process. They are brought in if a customer asks about it.

The question of course is: what are the chances that a great sustainability employee also is a great salesman? Slim to none…. Or at least it is more of a coincidence. The clear message from al the experts is that the key to success in each area is to integrate sustainability into the different disciplines and I fully support this view.

Launch February 22

I am confident that you will all be able to take inspiration, ideas and specific recommendations with you if listen in over the season. I know I have walked away with some food for thought and questions I have to look into both in my business and bring to specific clients.

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