About Us

Meet the team

Jasper Steinhausen

Lead Consultant

Jasper is the founder of Business with Impact, a consulting firm that helps SMEs in the manufacturing sector turn sustainability into a competitive advantage. He has over 20 years of experience in sustainable business development and circular economy, as well as being the longest-running consultant on Circular Economy in the Nordics. A few of his notable achievements include:

  • Advisor to the Danish government for two years in the Green Transition Fund
  • Amazon International bestselling author of “Making Sustainability Profitable”
  • Presentations to over 10,000 people across 150 events
  • Advisor to Orsted on sustainability strategy
  • Lecturer for Steen Hildebrand’s Mini MBA in Sustainability Management on the subject of Circular Economy
  • Host of the global top 1% podcast “Green Business With Impact”
  • Advisor to Grundfos on climate vision and circular business
  • Responsible for sustainability at the ECCO FEI World Championship in Horse Riding 2022 – one of the largest sports events ever in Denmark
  • Over 100 companies transformed by Jasper’s methods
  • Brought Nobel Peace Prize winner and inventor of the micro credits/banking for the poor to speak for 60.000 people from the main stage at the Roskilde Festival
  • Associate Professor in Sustainability at “Department for Environmental, Social and Spatial Change” 2010-2013

Jonatan Eyrdalh Marcussen


Jonatan is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable transition. He has >10 years of experience in working with sustainability and circular economy, both as consultant and a startup entrepreneur. He’s the former owner of an independent NGO food startup working to promote green transition and citizen engagement towards a more sustainable future. His current role supports Jasper as a senior consultant and project manager on sustainability matters, assisting with matching prospective clients to solutions that will accelerate their green transition and grow their business.

William Tate

Community Supporter

William is studying for a Masters in Biosciences at Durham University and works part time at Business With Impact alongside his studies. His role is to leverage the content produced by the consultancy connecting new audiences with fresh ideas, as well as supporting our clients.


Office Dog

Aslan is the cheerful office dog who is always around for good company, cuddles, and treats. His main role is to get Jasper away from the desk a couple of times every day – he is the living version of “time to stand up and take a break-app”.  


Helping mankind embrace the ecosystem, rather than fucking it up.


To get business on the right side of history by becoming a force for good.


Leaving everyone better off than when we met.

Our values

Infusing belief

We need to inspire people to believe it is doable. If we lose hope, we shut down our centre of creativity. Whenever there is belief there is hope and progress.

Make it easy, fun and rewarding

When we want people to act, we engage them with easy, fun and rewarding solutions.

Spend time on meaningful stuff

Always work on at least one meaningful problem every day.

Always see the big picture

Make sure solutions that seem good are actually good.

Everything is connected

It is not us on top, it is us alongside everyone else. We are all in this together – no one can do it alone.


Obviously, ESG is a big thing for me and for Business With Impact. Here is a brief introduction to our take on E, S and G.


is for Environment

I have occupied my mind and most of my waking hours on a broad spectrum of environmental challenges and solutions, ever since a geography class in my teenage years. During this class, I learned that climate change could lead to the spread of arctic climate across Scandinavia, due to a slowdown or stop of the Gulf Stream, as a consequence of the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. Learn more about why I do what I do here.

I have built the entire business around helping business leaders get their business on the right side of history and everything we do in Business With Impact is about pushing, nudging, arguing and inspiring people to utilise the power of business to make the world a better place. Circular economy thinking is at the heart of the organisation and we identify strongly with Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible production and consumption.

But rest assured that we also do all “the regular stuff” that one could expect such as:

  • Do most of our client interactions online.
  • Take the train to and from clients when physical meetings are needed – or take the electric car or bike.
  • Carefully reflect on any request for delivering presentations and other brief encounters that require a flight – and often kindly reject the offers if we don’t feel the balance between potential impact matches the need for the flight.
  • Repair and extend the life of products like PCs, phones, office desks etc. and often they are bought second hand/refurbished in the first place.
  • Eat organic and mainly plant-based diets.


is for Social

My engagement with ESG and sustainability actually started in the Social arena when I was a kid. . In the company this translates into a focus on the Sustainable Development Goal #8: Decent work and economic growth, with a focus on the working conditions and having a meaningful job that allows for direct support, personal development, and impact. This goes for people employed by Business With Impact but we also support, encourage, and nudge the parts of our team that are not directly employed in the company.

But it also shows up embedded in our solutions, as we know that once a business starts to become a force for good it adds a whole new level of meaning for the people employed in the company.

Impact Entrepreneur Academy

We also have the “Impact Entrepreneur Academy” which is a free programme for entrepreneurs. I personally take cohorts of founders through a 15-week program where they get to ingrain sustainability into the core of their start-up, using my Impact Blueprint method that I also use with well-established companies. The program is paid for by our larger, more established clients though a one-to-one model, meaning that every time someone buys a regular product with us then that triggers one free seat at the program for a start-up founder. It is our way to contribute to society and to help foster many new high-impact companies.


is for Governance

We recognise that there is no such thing as a self-made business and that we, like any company – draw and benefit heavily from public goods and services such as education, infrastructure, and the majority of ground research that is the foundation of most of modern products and services. Thus, Business With Impact is registered in Denmark and pays taxes here according to the legislation at any given time.


Another part of our governance is to be transparent about who we work and partner with so that you as a potential client or partner can assess if you think there could be any potential conflict of interest before you sign the contract. You can see the current list here.

Privacy policy

We recognise and support the GPDR regulation and comply with it. You can read our full privacy policy here including how you unsubscribe from our newsletters and marketing services.

This is our take on ESG. I hope this answers your questions, but if not, I would be happy to explain further. Just reach out to me here.

Best Regards