Sustainable Discovery Workshop

Know you need to do more on sustainability but not sure where to start?

Book a one off 90-minute €97 1:1 session that will enable you to quickly evaluate the potential for profitable sustainability strategies within your organisation.

This workshop provides an in-person online consultation that will upgrade your mindset, give you feedback on your current issues and provide you with a unique method, the Impact Blueprint, which will support you to build a more competitive business that makes the world a better place.

The workshop is centred around the Impact Blueprint. Implementing it will:

  • Empower you to create and implement a profitable business that makes a real impact
  • Help you turn sustainable best practices into your company’s competitive edge
  • Ultimately leave you with a thriving business that makes the world a better place

Want to know more about Jasper?

Founder, lead consultant, and bestselling author Jasper Steinhausen has helped over 10,000 senior executives to think differently about their sustainability efforts.