You Are Sitting on a Goldmine

The marketplace today expects more and more from you. Better and greener products at a compatible price. It can seem like a daunting challenge.

I’m here to tell you today that you are already sitting on a gold mine, and the challenge might appear bigger than it actually is.

As a manufacturing company in northern Europe, you are situated in a region with one of the highest wages in the world and the most developed regulation when it comes to sustainability. And this means that you have already done more than most to optimise your business.

You have found new ways, probably not labeled as sustainability, but as optimisations and cutting costs etc.

It means that you are more trained to see materials as a valuable asset that can be optimised, and you also have a better and more developed mindset when it comes to sustainability. There are still lots of value for you to gain, but you have a head start and results to show for.

The next step for you is to embrace the Circular Economy at a strategic level and use it to develop your core strategy.

Your aim right now should be to find ways to solve the top five problems that you are facing and the top five problems that your clients are facing in a way that also leaves a positive impact on the world.

You might be thinking, “This sounds too good to be true.”

But I can tell you it’s not.

I am the longest running consultant on Circular Economy in the Nordics, and both in my experience and data I have from research to back it, shows that there are significant business value to be harvested when you use the circular economy.

And at the same time, you have a significant impact in a positive way on the world.

Because of the experience you already have and the results that you already created, you are far better equipped to level up and start to create the really interesting results that can come out of working with circular economy in your business.

How to…

You might be wondering, well, how do I do this?

I created a method called the Impact Blueprint. It consists of five steps, five principles that you must cover. When you go through them and make sure you have all the assets needed for all five steps, then you start to create yourself a competitive edge.

As I said, it consists of five principles. The first one is all about the mindset and how you approach and understand and work with sustainability in a business setting.

The second one is on mission. It’s about making sure that you find a really good and smart answer to the question, “why is the world a better place because we exist”? This is the bigger game you’ll be playing.

The third one is about mapping your way to get there. What is the specific actions and steps that you will take? Steps that solve meaningful problems both for you and your customers and help make the world a better place.

Then the fourth one is on implementation. This is the action step. This is where you start to harvest the value of your effort as you solve important problems.

The fifth and final one is the ability to go out and communicate around this, so you harvest all the credents and also inspire others to go down the same pathway as you are.

When you have all five things in place, then you have a business that is completely different from where you are today. One that create big business impact while leaving the world a better place.

If you think this sounds interesting, like something that might be worth exploring a little bit, then I would like to offer you an invitation to a free workshop that I run.

In there I will introduce the five steps more thoroughly and make you see how you can actually use them in your specific business.

If you feel like it’s interesting, go out and read more and book your seat at