Do you recognize questions like these?

  • Am I the only one not completely sure about how to get the sustainability agenda moving in a way that creates value for our company?
  • What could be the next steps for us?
  • What does everyone else do?

If so, the first season of my new podcast “Green business with impact” is something for you. That is what I want to share with you in this special extra-edition of the newsletter.

In this season I bring on guests from 8 different SME companies in different sectors and different sizes. The common denominator is that they all work with sustainability in their business and have gotten some traction. They have probably thought about it just a bit more than most and are perhaps a few steps ahead.

But they are NOT the typical podcast guest or speakers at large conferences. They are not the frontrunners with all the answers, and they have not spent a ton of hours thinking and working on it and their companies are known for something else.

The intention of bringing these guests is to inspire you business leaders and share stories of what the journey is like for most companies.

The first episode is with Thomas Panduro from the Swedish company Panduro known for selling craft products for creativity or as he puts it – “we sell togetherness”.

Later in this season, you will meet a company where CO2 is the raw material, a manufacturer of plastic products, and one that sells hardware for high-speed internet to mention some of them. They are released Wednesdays in even weeks and each episode is 25-40 min.


Here is what you should do now:

1) Take out your phone

2) Go to your favorite podcast app

3) Search for “Green Business With Impact”.

4) Hit subscribe

5) Start listening

You can also find it on my website

Hope it will inspire you.

What themes would you like a season on?