This is NOT the peak of civilization…

The world I going to hell – plenty of people to tell you that. I take great comfort in knowing that this is NOT the peak of our civilization. And with this realization comes a different ease to investigating new ideas and suggesting change. As long as you don’t just cut back on the existing […]

Business for Good – the Success Formula Going Forward

There are huge opportunities for creating a competitive advantage for businesses that act on climate change now. The article highlights the importance of creating positive environmental impacts and rethinking business models, emphasizing that sustainability should be integrated into the core of business operations, not treated as a mere project. From a business perspective, climate change […]

What kind of leader are you?

It is a challenging time and one of the key things that is pushing the business world is the whole sustainability/ESG-agenda. I see that CEO’s can be segmented into four categories based on their response to the increasing sustainability-related crisis. Each has its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threads. What kind of leader are you? In […]

COP28 is not that important

Government leaders won’t safeguard the future of your children. That responsibility falls on you. In essence, that’s the takeaway from COP28. The event concluded with the usual modest advancements that fall short of addressing the magnitude of the crisis we’ve created.  However, businesses hold the power to ignite transformative change, turning every innovative step into […]

Don’t think of a pink elephant!

For all intents and purposes, don’t think of a pink elephant! And yet, that’s what you have in mind now. Now what do you think happens when you constantly hear that climate is a big problem that is becoming expensive and requires having to do without several things? Yes, you guessed it – it is […]

It is not a timing issue

“The market isn’t ready for my green product” is what I hear many business leaders say. “There is a timing issue here,” they say. My response is that if this is your experience, then you are focused on the wrong things and have not connected sustainability to your business in the right way. If the […]

If only I could…

“If I can’t get this business sustainable, I don’t want it!” “It is a must for me to find a solution for this essential but problematic material in my company!” These are statements from current and former clients, and they tell the story of a painpoint I know many business owners/CEOs find themselves in. The […]

Sustainability in Manufacturing: A How-To Guide for Business Leaders

Expectations are on the rise for manufacturing companies to do more on sustainability. I often meet business owners and decision-makers who struggle to find out where to focus and how to get started in a smart way. Can it be good for the business apart from the branding opportunity? There are so many areas we […]

Food for thought….

💶 EU subsidizes fossil fuels with slightly more than €50bn annually (and it has been roughly the same at least since 2015). [Publication Office of the European Union]. According to the International Monetary Fund the same figure is $7 trillion on a global level. 🌡️ Fossil fuel is the root cause of climate change, resulting […]

The risk side of change is not changing!

Change can be daunting, and it is natural to feel hesitant when faced with the prospect of leaving behind familiar routines and patterns. However, there is a crucial aspect of change we often tend to overlook when discussing sustainability: the risk side of not changing. When debating the risks and opportunities in transitioning your business […]