5 steps to a more profitable business

The competition is fierce in the marketplace, and everybody is looking for ways to get ahead. Use sustainability to get the edge and increase your sales, save money and get happier clients and employees. Imagine how much easier life will be with these three things in place.

If you view sustainability as a technical discipline and one that mainly is a cost, then you are mission the point. And missing out on huge business potentials as well as your opportunity to make the world a better place with all the joy and satisfaction that comes along with it.

The essential part is to come to the agenda from the right angle and have the right building blocks – the ones that work.

Introducing the Impact Blueprint

I have developed a method based on all the knowledge, experience and insights I have gained over more than a decade of working with 100+ companies and presenting, discussing and engaging with 10.000+ people on how to use sustainability and the circular economy approach to create business value with embedded environmental impact.

My purpose in developing the Impact Blueprint has been to create a specific, easy-to-understand, easy-to-use methodology that predictable will deliver results both measured on a business value scale and on an eco-system scale.

It is the foundational building block for your success without the unnecessary complexity that some theories and methods bring to the table.

It ensures you get the right mindset, have you create a context for your effort and ensure your effort solves meaningful and valuable problems for you and your clients. Finally, it provides you with what you need to communicate about sustainability without the risk of greenwashing.

The model has five steps that you go through in that order and develop the assets you need. You can do it yourself or with me in a structured group program.

  1. Mindset – Here you will get the foundation in place for turning sustainability into a business driver. I will walk you through the five common mindset problems that hinder companies getting business success and significant impact with their sustainability effort and give you the corresponding five to thrive. This right mindset and thus approach is the prerequisite for getting business success. For most people this step is transformational.
  2. Mission – Here you will develop a new, or upgrade your existing, mission statement. I will give you the background and understanding you need and a process you can use to create your strategically sound and great answer to the central question “why is the world a better place because we exist?” The end product is a statement you can utilize both internally and externally. This step provides the context for choices and communication going forward.
  3. Mapping – Here we build on the five circular economy disciplines. The mapping exercise will take you through each of the disciplines that is used to spot lots of opportunities that you could choose to pursue. All the ideas are then filtered up against their ability to contribute to solving some of the most pressing problems you and/or your customers are facing. When I work with clients it is quite common that this step alone generates more value than the total cost of the whole exercise. The end product is your roadmap for how to progress towards your mission.
  4. Movement – Here I guide you into kickstarting your implementation and thereby start to create business value with embedded environmental impact. I will take you through some of the common mistakes I have come across that hinder solid implementation and help you get the off the ground. This is the first of the money-steps as I call steps 4 and 5.
  5. Magnify – Here I will tackle the elephant in the room; communicating about sustainability. Why you must do it today, why you already have what you need and some tools to help you get a crisp pitch that gives you clarity and the ability to spread your message effectively and with low risk so you start to harvest the credits and inspire others to go down the same path.


Going through the steps and doing the work and creating the assets in each step will elevate your business and put you in a position to significantly increase the ROI on your sustainability effort and likewise, on the impact, you have on the world.

By design, the Impact Blueprint will give you what you need to get successful with your circular initiative. Apart from rewiring your approach to sustainability in business, it will give you the foundational building blogs you need. The Mission provides the strategic big picture. This is the context in which you operate and communicate. It signals what game you are playing to your stakeholder and serves as your north star for navigation and major decisions. It elevates your story by putting all results into a bigger picture.

The Mapping will provide you with the roadmap for moving ahead, so you know what to do, and when, to progress toward your strategic Mission in a way that generates solid business value. This step is designed to ensure that your effort makes business sense – something many sustainability initiatives struggles with. The Movement step ensures this does not become just another exercise on paper but is turned into specific results. The final step will give you what you need to start communicating about it and thus get credit for your effort. It ties all the other steps together and leaves you with a solid platform to communicate your specific results, the plan for the years ahead and the bigger strategic goal that it all pushes you towards.

I am currently writing a business book about the Impact Method (now reviewing and editing) so in the beginning of next year you can be able to read a full and comprehensive text about the steps and tools, so you can take the steps yourself. You can sign up on my pre-launch waiting list here: https://www.bwimpact.com/books and become amongst the first to get a copy at a special introduction price.

If you like more insight into the model sooner and what it will take to be part of my Positive Business Accelerator to get support to all five steps, sign up for one of my free online introduction workshops here https://www.bwimpact.com/introduction